Barcelona Opera Tickets

Terms of Use

§1. General
“A & A Tickets Online” is acting as agent between the respective organizer/offerer and the respective buyer. Therefore “A & A Tickets Online” does not hold the risk of a possible insolvency of the respective organizer/offerer. The respective ticket purchase concludes a legal agreement with „A & A Tickets Online“ and it supposes the full acceptance and without reservations of the user of everything and each one of the General Conditions. Aberrant stipulations by the respective buyer can be accepted by an explicit agreement in writing only. We regret that tickets sales are definite and therefore a cancellation of the contract is not possible.

§2. Offers/Contract
Price indications on our web-page are subject to confirmation. We reserve the right to modify underlying indications anytime. Your order merely means an offer to a contract conclusion. Confirmation of receipt of your order by e-mail, does not guarantee the ticket sale.
The order is considered to be effected by the arrival time of your electronic order. The acceptance of your offer to conclude the contract is achieved by the delivery of the confirmation mail only. „A & A Tickets Online“ reserves the right to change offers without prior notice.

§3. Prices
Our prices include all taxes and booking fees. They do not include post and packaging charges. We draw your attention to the fact the ticket price may differ from the face value printed on the ticket.

§4. Ticket reservation/Return of tickets
Reservations can be made by Internet, email or fax. The confirmation of reservation becomes valid after full payment of the tickets. Tickets can be collected with the respective confirmation of reservation at the evening box office of the organizer.
The reservations that have been confirmed by us have to be checked immediately. Obvious discrepancies from the order have to be claimed in writing (fax, email) immediately. Claims after the date of the event indicated are invalid. Return of tickets is possible up to one month before the respective event. The cancellation penalty is 50 % of the total amount. Cancellation of tickets for all events in Barcelona (Barcelona State Opera, Concerts, Theatre, Sightseeing Tours, etc...) or Venice is not possible once the tickets have been confirmed by A & A Tickets Online.Tickets that have been posted at the request of the buyer can not be returned. As an agent for tickets we can not be held responsible for any defects on the part of the organizer. We regret that we must reserve the right to alter or vary the performance/event (date of the event) due to events or circumstances beyond our control without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets. In the case of an event cancelled, „A & A Tickets Online“ as an agent can not be held liable in any way for the reimbursement of the ticket price by the organizer. “A & A Tickets Online” will, on behalf of the buyer, against reimbursement of costs (30 % of the amount returned), strive towards a reimbursement by the organizer. Conditions for refund comply with the respective organizer. In the event of cancellation or displacement no expenses of any kind can be made up.

§ 5. Shipment
“A & A Tickets Online” mails the paid tickets by the buyers request after the agreement has been concluded by payment. Shipment is effected for the buyers account and at the buyers risk.The „A & A Tickets Onlines“ shipping obligation of the respective agreement is considered to be fulfilled by the handover to the Post AG (or any other equal private deliverer) for registered or normal (at the buyers risk) transportation. We can not be held liable for the loss or delay of tickets while transportation.

§6. Payment
Only the credit cards mentioned in the following form are accepted for payment by credit card. Payment by cheque or transfer is considered as effected when the credit entry is actually booked to the agents account. Any possible payment in cash has to be effected at the
agent´s company adress.

§ 7. Privacy policy, data transfer
Data collected within the scope of purchase are restored for accounting and customer evidence purposes. We collect the following information: billing address, shipping address, tickets ordered. This information is used only in accordance with privacy laws and furthermore, we will NOT sell, share or rent ANY of the information that visitors provide us with.Our site has security measures in place to protect against loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control“ A & A Tickets Online” is using SSL-Transmission (Secure Socket Layer) for order transactions by credit card. This program encrypts data for transmission between the buyer and the server, so that it can not be read by a third party.

§ 8. Place of performance/trial
The ticket sales referred to in this document are subject to Austrian law, hence the German version of the General Terms is legally valid. The place of performance is Barcelona. The court of jurisdiction is given by the appropriate court in point in Vienna.