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    Gran Gala Flamenco

    Gran Gala Flamenco

    „…Show event in the passionate world of gypsy dances…“

    Flamenco was born in the 18th Century in Andalusia as a form of expression reserved for the most intense moments of the celebration of life. The Gran Gala Flamenco will lead the spectator to experience the mixture of sensations, rhythms and movements that define this art form, declared in 2010 Intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

    Moving through the different palos (rhythmic patterns: Fandango, Seguidilla, Alegria, Buleria, Tarantos, Guajira . . .) you will be able to discover the intensity of the passion felt by the Gypsy people through the time. With the participation of artists who form part of a new Catalonian generation of Flamencos which are literally stamping their mark on the national artistic panorama, a perfect union of heart and soul, music and dance in all its aspects is being offered, one that since the beginning of time has characterised the heart of Spanish tradition.


    Is one of the most recent "palos" originary from the north of Spain.

    It is a stylish dance, graceful and roguish.

    It is a very happy and rhythmic style. The musical style that was taken from Cuba to the Canary Islands.

    It is an austere, strict, very stylised and ritualistic dance.

    It is a boisterous, festive and happy “palo”.

    It is a cante festero that is suitable for dancing. It is characterised by its dynamism, grace and fluency.

    Solea por Bulería
    It is one of the pillars of flamenco by the solemnity which characterises its performance; feelings move to the foreground.

    It is a dance for couples that has the rotations that are typical of courtship dancing.

    Program subject to change.

    image Gran Gala Flamenco / A Bofill